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Redundancy Seminar

Centracare Boardroom (across from NAB WHYALLA) 7 PM Monday, 30 May, 2016

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Financial Planning Services to Reach Your Goals

Most people's working lives have one main objective... to secure for ourselves and our families a lifestyle and future that matches our desires.

Seagrims - Your Financial Planners well understand this basic principle and aim to apply it to all manner of services we offer you.

Across Australia, our team provide service thousands of customers. Some are still working to secure their financial future and retirement. Others have already reached their retirement and rely on our expertise to continue to protect their wealth and financial security.

Our website offers you an insight into our passion to build and maintain a long relationship with you, acting as your trusted financial advisors and planners.

Developing your Financial Roadmap...

No matter what stage of life you are at, managing your cash flow is an extremely important part of modern life.
The team at Seagrims - Your Financial Planners well understand the differences and common needs of our clients.

Just starting out?

For someone just entering the workforce, even thinking about saving $40k for a house deposit is daunting, let alone actually doing it! Yet some people manage. What differentiates those who can and those who can't?

Double income no Kids? (DINKS)

Chances are you have a massive mortgage as well. It is absolutely essential you receive appropriate professional advice on how to structure this debt, and how to use your cash flow tax effectively. One day you may be reduced to one income for any number of reasons, and this possibility needs to be considered. Don't think you will be able to pay off your mortgage from an inheritance - today's retirees aren't planning on leaving much behind!

Family, 4WD and holidays with the in-laws?

There is enough pressure on the family unit today without adding money problems. If ever there is a time when life partners need to have discussed and agreed on a financial plan, it is during this stage. 

'Money problems' is a major contributing factor to divorce in Australia today. Your Seagrims - Your Financial Planners adviser can help you focus and prioritise your spending to make sure the things that are important to both of you are protected.

The obligatory Mid-Life crisis?

One day it hits you: "If I save as much over the next ten years as I did over the last ten years, I'm going to have a pretty lean retirement".

It's about this time you start listening to the 'hot stock tips' from the local butcher, you 'invest' in a sure-fire options trading program, and the latest 'you beaut ponzi scheme' sounds too good to miss. Essentially, you are desperate to make up for lost ground. Please don't go down this path!

Contact your Seagrims - Your Financial Planners adviser to help you get back on track.


You have a limited amount of money left to live on for the rest of your life. Security is paramount.

• Who should I trust for advice?
• Do I need advice?
• The retired bank manager at the bowls club has his money invested in shares, should I do that as well?
• How much should I be spending?

A plan for your retirement is just as important as a plan for building a house!

Seagrims - Your Financial Planners can offer financial advice that is designed to meet your specific needs. Appropriate advice can only be given once your individual circumstances and needs have been reviewed. Peace of mind comes from knowing your invested money is safe with some of Australia's largest banks and investment companies, with the added comfort of only being a phone call away from your personal financial planner.

Compoint Pty Ltd (trading as  Seagrims - Your Financial Planners) is a corporate authorised representative of the Australian Financial Services Licensee Madison Financial Group Pty Ltd. License No 246679. ABN: 36 002 459 001. Level 2, 285 George St, Sydney, NSW  2000   PO Box R1776 Royal Exchange Sydney NSW 1225   Phone 1300 789 575 Fax 02 9954 4599

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